BIDE co-organises B>Satellites in different countries reproducing the same B>Meeting event always adapted and inspired by local contexts.

Through our 12 years of experience, this program is focused on internationalization allowing it to be a model exportable to other dance communities with multiple points of view; where inclusion, diversity, and differences; are the basis of our practices, development and political statement.

B>Satellites start with the cooperation of institutions willing to support the process of the organization of the event.

The starting point is setting a link with an entity that can provide the venue and from there we work on engaging a network of local realities. The event will, therefore, happen with the collaboration of different partners.

In our history, B>Satellite usually is facilitated by a former bide participant (bider) that is willing to bring the concept of our B>Meeting in his/her city, and in general, BIDE must keep a connection with former biders and engage them in the developing of a B>Satellite. This helps the program to be adapted and connected to the local context.

B>Satellite tends to be a compressed version of the B>Meeting with a shorter duration and a smaller amount of participants coming mostly from the country in which the event takes place.

Mobility and exchange are encouraged by a system of crossed scholarships that make it possible for former biders to take part of the B>Satellites and (becoming a guide for new biders), and for new biders to keep on attending following BIDE programs (becoming part of BIDE community).

BIDE had organized 7 B>Satellite, in New York 2017, Buenos Aires 2014, Salerno (Italy) 2013, Outokumpu (Finland) 2012, Sevilla (Spain) 2012, Stolzenhagen (Germany) 2011, Göttingen (Germany) 2010.

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