BIDE offers presentations of its work, methodology and differents relations with various dance performing arts and institutions; who offer mobility and different models and examples of collaboration through theoretical and practical approaches.

The session starts with a dance warm-up from where we build a constellation between the participants from a very spontaneous place. After that, we dig into different types of questions to know what kind of “profiles” they are looking like a project inside the Performing Arts.

From the BIDE perspective we classified them in 6 different ones:

1 - Creation
2 - Pedagogy
3 - Exhibition
4 - Thought
5 - Networks
6 - Markets

With this information they can know each other goals and places; so throughout a powerpoint and video BIDE describes his place, mission, and the different types of collaboration during the last eleven years; sharing strategies and practices, the b>lab tool and different programs. And finally a round of questions, proposals or opinions form the attendees.

BIDE had facilitated 8 B>Talk, in Danzad Danzad Malditos (Pamplona, Spain), Festival Alternativo Artes Escénicas (Aguas Calientes, Mexico), Forum Cultural Guanajuato (León, Mexico), Festival Danseu (Les Piles, Spain), OpenFLR (Florence, Italy), Territorios del Arte (San Luis Potosí, México), Universidad María de Ávila (Madrid, Spain) and Camp In (San Luis Potosí, México).

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