Central event of BIDE that takes place every year in Barcelona since 2009. It is a 6 days duration event where participate around 60 - 70 dancers, choreographers and cultural managers from 20 countries, some supported by different institutions and dance organizations.

During this event a series of activities happens, the axis of the encounter is our method of collaborative creation, a format that we call B>Lab. Each day there are three to six B>labs coordinated by members of the team as national and international participants. English is the language of the event. 

Within the event, in addition to the B>Labs, there is also a series of activities thought to promote mobility, exchange, and internationalization of participants:

Speed ​​Dating: short talks between artists to get to know their profiles and realities.

NewsRoom: space of visibility, where to announce specific needs and proposals of the participants current and future projects.

B>Cultural Management Lab: As in the B>Labs movement is the driving force, BIDE also offers a B>Lab with the focus placed on the Cultural Management of institutions, organizations, and festivals that collaborate with us and are connected thanks to the network that we provide.

B>Expo: Space of visibility for BIDE collaborators to present in 6 minutes and with 20 images their program and artistic proposal for the year.

Feedback: Each morning constructive feedback sessions are modulated about the processes that each B>lab had the previous day.

Creation Center Tour: BIDE provides the chance to know some of the official and independent Barcelona's Creation Centers and their activities.

Open Performance: During the 4rd day of the meeting, the process of working with the community begins, showing in performance format the scenic results created in the B>Labs so far.

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