What is a B>lab?


B>Lab is the original and central tool used in the BIDE laboratories of movement.

The B>Lab's laboratories goal is to let creative ideas sprout and circulate in a bassin of diversity and inclusion, through a process of non hierarchical cross-exploration.

The B>lab's laboratories trigger connections through which participants engage themselves in the research and share their discoveries in order to feed the collective creation.

Each B>LAB has facilitators whose mission is to introduce the biannual theme, open questions and propose a dynamic structure for the working session, and provide a fertile field for participants to decide how to proceed.

  • The B>Labs have a variable duration of between 3 and 6 hours.
  • They are divided into three parts: an introduction by the facilitators to the biannual theme, collective development and a closing.
  • The introduction. Every two years BIDE provides a transversal topic. The task of the facilitators is to propose an approach to it.
  • Development. It is the magical part of the process that depending on the diversity of the participants and the dynamics between them, the creative sparks are appearing.
  • The closure. At the end of each session the participants present the conclusions of the collective work in the form of an open score, work in progress or oral, visual presentations, etc. of no more than 10 minutes. 

There are two types of B>Labs: Movement Labs and Thinking Labs. 

The Movement B>Labs are:

  • Introductory B>Lab 
  • Research B>Lab
  • Performance B>Lab 
  • Site-specific B>Lab


The Thinking B>Lab is:

  • Cultural Management B>Lab 


Depending on the type of BIDE event, between 3 and 6 B>Labs per day are realized.

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