Through a working session, BIDE facilitates a Networking table with different institutions from a region, to facilitate future projects and interactions within them

Through a working session, BIDE empowers and encourages networking with different organizations in a city or country. A previous study of entities in the territory where the activity is proposed in that way.

BIDE through different types of questions regarding the relationship between those institutions and their potential targets/audiences; working in what and when they can offer it, proposing different strategies and concrete actions and timeframes to interact with each other.

We will draw the profiles of each platform, festival or institution that participates in the table with facilitating questions that allow us to articulate the activity.

We will propose to organize a map from a spatial and temporal relation since the possible actions will be carried out according to the case in the short, medium and long term understanding this last one as the next 2 years.

Near Network Territory - Medium Network Territory

In this way, we will be able to see what type of ecosystems exist and are active and what are the remaining ecosystems to be created or related.

BIDE had facilitate 3 B>Net in La Caldera/les Corts (Barcelona, Spain), University of Nicosia (Cyprus) and Centro Huarte (Pamplona, Spain).

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