Zoë Leigh Gadd and Vanessa Costa


BIDE had the great pleasure of chatting with two free-spirits about to embark on a pilgrimage of a lifetime in the run up to their forthcoming wedding. Kieran Shannon and Silke Muys, better known to their 40K+ Instagram followers as ‘silkyrontheroad’, simply believe in ‘saying yes’ and seeing where life takes them. Such a mantra during a time of global restriction imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic is a breath of fresh air. Both Silke and Kieran began their dance journeys at the age of seventeen. Silke’s route took her from Belgium, to Mexico, then back to Belgium where she worked with Jan Fabre, before joining Jasmin Vardimon’s company in the UK. There she remained for around five - six years; it was also there that she would meet vivacious Kieran, who found his way from Scotland to Silke via a variety of dance companies - including our own Artistic Collaborator, Dance Ahead - to London, where he secured a role, in Vardimon’s company production: Medusa. Medusa was to be produced in Spain and it was here, in the beautiful town of Sitges, just 40km South of Barcelona, that the real story began to unfold. Chilling on their floor in Girvan, Scotland, they joined us to share more about their holistic adventures.

The BIDE Journals: shared stories from previous B>Labs

Vanessa Costa


Blue notebook in round window of red door "Sala 1"


A “journey” through the content of the notebooks written during B>Labs, Room 1, La Caldera, Barcelona, 2016 & 2017.


B>Lab: an innovative methodology developed by BIDE

There is much to be said about the process of shared creative practice and collaborative choreography but putting this into practice is something else. Cultural institutions and artistic collectives have been organising collaborative projects that complement their programming, and from there the public can build and discuss proposals with others based on themes of community interest or of a global nature. However, for working strategies to be successful in accordance with the objectives set, full transparency is necessary.

Collective creativity that relates to the body and its movements can be considered in different ways. In the case of contemporary dance and the performing arts, where bodies communicate through free movements and with much improvisation, arriving at a choreographic work or performance created collaboratively in a consensual way is quite a challenge. A methodology that is horizontal, transparent and non-hierarchical is necessary, so that trust prevails among the participants and everyone can freely express their ideas and thoughts. This is the seed of the innovative methodology developed by BIDE that is known as ‘B> Lab’.


Avital Eden, the Jerusalem cluster leader

The B>Meeting Cluster Edition, an event created by BIDE Barcelona in 2020 was a mix format event connecting 5 cities in 3 continents, through a presencial and a virtual platform. The cities were Jerusalem, London, Mexico City and New York City.  During the 4 days of celebration of B>Meeting, more than 60 professionals from these cities were connected with Barcelona, researching, raising questions, making proposals and creating choreographies related to our theme of Performing Gender.

The event was coordinated by Sebastian Garcia Ferro from La Caldera Barcelona, and in Jerusalem, the event was coordinated by Avital Eden from Mash Dance House. We asked Avital how was this experience and she told us everything about this experience.

Sebastian García Ferro

Entrevista con Sebastian García Ferro

Coreógrafo, fundador y director artístico del BIDE

Para inaugurar el blog de BIDE entrevistamos a su creador y director artístico: el bailarín y coreógrafo Sebastián Garcia Ferro, que coordina el BIDE desde su inicio en 2008. ¿Cómo todo empezó?¿Cómo ha evolucionado? ¿Qué opina del panorama de la danza en España?¿Qué proyectos tiene en mente para el BIDE? Nos lo cuenta todo en esta entrevista.

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